Melbourne's Direct Cremation Specialist.

Bare provides a direct cremation service at a fraction of the price of traditional funeral homes. Our cost in Melbourne is $1599, with no hidden fees (ever). Arrange online or give us a call 24/7, and we'll take care of everything.

…with polished earnestness, Bare Cremation conveys a message of pragmatism wrapped in care: if you want to arrange a cremation – a respectful cremation – you don’t need to shape a ceremony around it, and you don’t need to visit a funeral home…

We've made arranging a funeral simple and affordable.

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At Bare, we don’t believe the price paid for a funeral reflects how much someone was loved, nor do we believe a traditional funeral is for everyone.  

So, we offer a high quality direct cremation service, at the lowest possible price, and support families in arranging personalised, fitting farewells.  

In Melbourne, our direction cremation service costs $1,599 and includes:

  • transfer of your loved one into our care (24/7)
  • private cremation at Geelong Memorial Park & Crematorium
  • all required paperwork and registrations
  • the hand delivery of ashes to the family

We’re here whenever you need us on (03) 7003 5692

You can’t put a price on love. So we don’t try to.

We don’t believe that expensive coffins or premium catering packages reflect how much you loved your person. That’s why we provide just what you need at an affordable price. With no hidden fees, ever.

We provide a DIRECT cremation service your family can trust.

Our service covers everything from transferring your loved one into our care, right through to the return of their ashes.  Arrange it all over the phone, and let our dedicated team take care of everything. 

Step 1: Arrange online or over the phone, 24/7 

Arrange online, or call our dedicated team 24/7 to arrange over the phone or ask any questions you may have.

Step 2: We transfer your loved one into our care 

We collect your loved from their place of passing and transport them to our crematorium

Step 3: We carry out a private cremation

Our highly experienced team carry out a simple cremation without a funeral service.

Step 4: We return the ashes to you

We hand-deliver your loved one’s ashes in an urn. We also register the death on your behalf.

AND support you to say the goodbye you want to.

At Bare, we know that the old ways of dealing with death are not for everyone. We help families hold the perfect memorial for their loved one – whether that’s a scattering ceremony, a backyard barbeque, or planting a memory tree.

We provide THE highest quality service AT Affordable prices.

Our price:


inc GST

Our cremation fees are all inclusive. There are no hidden fees, and there are no extra charges for out of hours transfer, pacemakers, oversized caskets – or anything else.

Payment is not required upfront. 

What’s included?

Services of a licensed funeral director

Transfer of your loved one into our care, 24/7

Filing of all necessary paperwork & permits

A dignified, private cremation

The return of your loved one’s ashes

Registration of death and Death Certificate

Access to our support tools: estate administration, grief support and others


Funeral Arranger


Funeral Arranger


Funeral Arranger


Funeral Arranger


Funeral Arranger


Funeral Arranger


Funeral Arranger

Our team is here for you, whenever you need us.

When it comes to dealing with death, our main goal is to do right by your loved one – while supporting you through the process. We know we’re meeting you at a difficult time in your life, so we’re committed to providing you with the best service possible.

We’ve had the privilege of helping thousands of Australian families

Got More Questions? We have answers.

The first thing to do is contact our Customer Care team on 1800 841 639. On speaking with your dedicated support person, they will take some brief details and talk you through the process , along with answering any questions you have. Their role is to make sure everything is arranged, so you don’t have to worry. From there we will start to arrange collection and transportation of your loved one by our service partners, along with commencing the required paperwork.

The timing of collection depends on where the passing occurs. If your loved one has passed away at home, we will endeavour to be there with 2 hours. If they passed away at an aged care facility or hospital, we will collect as soon as possible, pending the hospital or age care home availability. If your loved one is taken to the Coroner, we will collect after the Coroner enquiry has been completed which can take more than a week.

One we collect the deceased, we take them into our care. This is typically the mortuary of our service provider. They are kept with full dignity and prepared for the cremation.

The cremation takes place at a fully accredited crematorium in the same state the passing has occur.

We generally advise families that the timing from collection to return of ashes is 10 days. However it can vary depending on how quickly documentation is returned from the family, along with appropriate clearances from institutions (hospitals, coroners etc.). Delivery or return of ashes can also impact the timing depending on the method of return that. is selected.

The paperwork requirements vary by state. We will provide all documentation that needs to be filled out to the family – we also give you the ability to complete these documents online, so you don’t need to find a printer. The documents are used for authorisation to cremate, transferring a person into our care from an institution (such as a hospital), and personal details for the registration of the passing.  

Absolutely. In fact, we encourage it. You can call our 24 hour line – 1800 841 639 anytime. We have arrangers on hand to walk you through the process and answer any questions you have.  Even if Bare is not right for you, feel free to give us a call, we’d be more than happy to recommend a great funeral director who can help you with a more traditional service. 

Yes we collect anytime day or night. Sometimes we will be dictated by the location of collection, for example certain hospitals will have dedicated collection times that we must adhere to. Needless to say, we will always collect as soon as possible – and there are never any out of hours hidden fees. 

Each state in Australia has its own guidelines which tell you how to go about registering a death. Typically you’ll need a death certificate to cancel bills, bank accounts, utilities and administer other parts of the estate. Each state in Australia has its own guidelines which tell you how to go about registering a death. Typically you’ll need a death certificate to cancel bills, bank accounts, utilities and administer other parts of the estate.

From the time of cremation, we typically advise a wait time of 10-15 business days. At times it can take longer if there is a delay in processing by the state authority. If there is a long delay, we will actively follow up on your behalf.

There are a number of institutions and people you should contact to ensure a person’s estate is effectively closed. Our team is here to help you with that, and we’ve also built a comprehensive checklist to help you navigate through the estate administration process. 

In the majority of metropolitan areas we will hand deliver the ashes back to your family. We can also mail the ashes or you can collect from our local service provider. Please note we require a signature for all return of ashes to ensure they are successfully delivered.  You’re also welcome to personally collect the ashes from the Crematorium if you prefer. 

You are able to elect not to have the ashes returned. We will require signature confirmation that this is your wishes. We can then scatter or dispose of the ashes on your behalf.

We take this responsibility very seriously, and the process to ensure this happens is closely regulated by the Australian Government. Before cremation, an ID number is assigned and stamped on a metal disk – this then accompanies your loved one throughout the cremation process, so we always know who is who.

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