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No more funeral homes. We offer a simple direct cremation you can arrange online or over the phone.

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Our Mission

Bare Cremation was started with a simple vision – to give all Australians access to an affordable and stress free funeral service.

We experienced first hand just how expensive, stressful and confusing arranging a funeral can be. We didn’t like that you had to visit a funeral home, and be sold expensive funeral services that were overpriced, pre-packaged and rushed. So, we fixed it.

Bare Cremation is Australia’s first funeral service you can order entirely online (or via phone). We took a difficult, cumbersome and expensive process and made it simple and easy. Being online also allows us to pass our savings onto customers, and focus on providing the highest quality of care and customer support.

Bare Cremation Services

A Bare cremation (or direct cremation) is the simplest funeral option, where the cremation takes place in the days immediately following the passing, and without a viewing or funeral service beforehand.

A Bare cremation allows you to arrange a much more personalized service without the time and cost-pressure of a traditional funeral home.

Join the many Australian families that are arranging Bare cremation, and choosing to celebrate a life well lived.


“We used a funeral home when Mum passed away. It cost over $15,000 and it wasn’t really what we wanted. I’ve already instructed my family that when my time comes, I want to be scattered in the backyard by family and friends.”

Sue – St Kilda VIC

Australia’s best value cremation

Our direct cremation is the most affordable Australia wide by combining the basics with exceptional customer service. .

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Why choose a Bare cremation?


We don’t require an in-person visit, or sell caskets or memorial services. This allows us to be the most affordable cremation provider, without compromising on quality


We’ve designed the simplest arrangement process in Australia. Get a quote in seconds and make arrangements in less than 15 minutes. No funeral home visit required.


Focus on a life well lived. Death is inevitable, but you can choose how you are remembered. We take care of the cremation, and allow you to create a unique, personalised memorial service.

Would prefer to speak to someone?

How does Bare Cremation work?

You Arrange

Get a quote and arrange your Bare cremation online, or call our customer care team to arrange over the phone. Our prices are transparent and all inclusive.

We Collect

We carefully collect the deceased from their place of passing. Our support team is available 24/7 to coordinate all logistics and answer any questions you have.

We Return Ashes

We return the ashes by registered mail or hand-delivery.

We register the death and obtain copies of the death certificate on your behalf.

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