A dignified cremation at an affordable price.

We provide an affordable cremation and aim to guide and support you through the most difficult period of your life.

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About Us

At Bare Cremation we provide families with a dignified, respectful cremation service at for $1,599 all inclusive.

We offer a Direct Cremation, which is a No Service, Non Attendance cremation. We focus on making the service affordable, and aim to guide and support you through the most difficult period of your life.

We make sure all of our pricing is transparent. The price is $1,599 inclusive and includes:

  • Transfer of your loved one into our care
  • Collection of appropriate doctors documents on your behalf
  • Simple eco coffin
  • Cremation fee
  • Our professional fees
  • Registered Death Certificate
  • Return of your loved one’s ashes

There are no additional fees for collection after business hours.

We look forward to serving you. You can contact us anytime on (03) 7003 5692 or fill out our arrangement form online

What is a direct cremation?

A direct cremation is the simplest funeral option, where the cremation takes place in the days immediately following the passing, and without a viewing or funeral service beforehand.

When you engage Bare Cremation, we will transfer your loved one, arrange the appropriate medical documentation in line with legislation and then arrange for the cremation to take place.

Your loved one is transported in an eco friendly coffin as per government guidelines to the Geelong Crematorium, where the cremation is conducted, We then return the ashes to you by collection or we can arrange for the ashes to via hand delivery.

The reason that people are choosing to do this type of service is that it allows you to arrange a much more personalized service without the time and cost-pressure of a traditional funeral home. Normally a funeral service from a traditional home will takes place within a week of passing. This means you can feel rushed and does not allow everyone to attend in a timely manner. By doing a direct cremation first, families can celebrate your loved ones life at a time and place more suitable.

Following return of the ashes families can celebrate the live of their loved one in their own unique way. Many families host a barbeque, others have a meal at their favourite restaurant, many prefer not to publicly celebrate the life that was, and that is perfectly acceptable. Everyone is different.

We also experience people who are not religious and don’t feel the need to have a religious service, others simply can’t justify the expense of a traditional expensive funeral, and there are simply times the deceased has outlived all friends and family.

Whatever the reason, we are here to assist you.

There are many Australians that have a direct cremation. After all, you can save thousands of dollars, whilst celebrating a life in your own unique way.

Call us anytime on (03) 7003 5692 to arrange your direct cremation.