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How Bare Works

Our direct cremation service provides a simple, respectful cremation that takes place separately from any ceremony. This makes it the perfect choice for those seeking a modern, fuss-free alternative to a traditional burial or cremation. Our service includes:

  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Collection from the place of death
  • Transfer to the crematorium
  • Cremation, doctors and legal fees
  • Unattended, private cremation
  • Delivery of ashes


“I arranged everything I needed online. Everything was explained really well and their customer service was outstanding. I wish I’d known about this earlier!.”

Julie D.

How to Organise a Bare cremation

A simple process with exceptional service.

1) Order Online or Contact Bare

Arrange online here in under 5 minutes. If you have any questions during the process, you can call our 24/7 dedicated care team.

If you need our service immediately, we’ll connect you with your dedicated arranger to coordinate all of the logistics and paperwork requirements.

For our prepaid services, after completing payment, we store all of your documentation in a secure account that you can access anytime. Read more about prepaid here..

2) Collection

As soon as the arrangements have been completed and the required legal documents have been signed, we’ll bring your loved one into our care.

For private residence and nursing homes, we will commence collection immediately. If your loved one is in a coroner’s office or hospital, this will most likely be during business hours.

3) Registration and Paperwork

Bare Cremation register the death in the state where your loved one passed away and apply for a cremation permit from the state. We also obtain certified copies of the death certificate on your behalf.

4) Cremation

As soon as the death is registered, we’re able to move forward with the cremation. Bare Cremation only works with reputable and accredited crematoria in Australia. Each cremation is dignified, private and individual. Ashes are carefully collected and moved into the urn of your choice.

5) Ashes Returned

We ensure a careful return of your loved one’s ashes. You can choose to have them hand-delivered, or you can collect them in person.

Need help? Can us anytime on 1800 071 176

“If I described what they do it in one word, it would be easy. The team really focus on the customer, and the process is made to be simple. It’s just one less thing to think about knowing that the cremation and paperwork are all handled.”

Mel S.